Monday, January 18, 2010

Demon Assassin Girl

This is my sketch of a female Assassin Devil for the next challenge on ArtOrder.  There are a few minor adjustments I plan to make in order to have this character fit the description more accurately... (i.e. making the cloak more cloak-like and posing the face so that I can switch the mask to the other side of the face - oops!).  At the time I sketched this out I didn't have the description in front of me.  I initially just wanted to layout what was coming to me - sort of like artistic brainstorming.

Here's the actual art description:
  • 6' tall
  • Devilish humanoid
  • Female
  • Indigo skin
  • Unappealing face w/ left half covered by frightening iron mask that looks like a demonic face
  • 2 horns
  • Lithe but muscular
  • Wears dark leather armor w/ iron parts that resemble demonic body parts (iron pauldrom w/ iron horns sprouting from it)
  • Wears a cloak made of shadows and darkness
  • Wields a black longsword made of shadowstuff
  • Has devil feet (reference provided on ArtOrder)
  • Has a dour look on her face
  • Holds sword at the ready
  • Vignette image on white background
The finished piece is due this Sunday by noon, so check back to see it then.

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