Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Master Study -- WIP

Heh, long time, no post!
How about some Death Dealer action?  Yes?  Yes.  In the pic above, I've made a side-by-side of the original "Death Dealer" by Mr. Frank Frazetta (left) next to my humble start to a Master study (right).  If you're saying to yourself... doesn't the "Death Dealer" have more above and below the characters?  The answer is: Yes.  I've cropped the image somewhat on the top and the bottom to put more focus on the characters, and to just switch it up a bit.  If you're wondering what the heck that thing is on the top center of my study, it's just part of my easel.

Soooo, it's a WIP (Work In Progress) that I'm doing for the practice and fun of it.

My study -- Oil on board, 11" x 14"

I'm using the indirect method of painting here, where I basically start by laying everything out in a tonal image (Frank often used this method with his paintings).  After the tonal underpainting is done, I will start applying glazes of color, and lastly I'll finish up with some opacity here and there for some added final touches.

I've actually done more work on this since this pic was taken, and I *promise* to post an update of it soon.  ;)