Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Frazetta Tribute submission piece - painting begins...

Phase 1 (approx. an hour's worth at this point) of my painting submission for the Frazetta Tribute Exhibition.  16" x 20" oil on masonite.  Actually, before I started sorta blocking things in, I primed my board with gesso (this seals the board), then I laid down a ground of burnt sienna, yellow ochre and some white over that.  (A ground color gives you a nice middle value to start with, and gets rid of all that daunting white space... an Old Master's technique.)  After the ground was down and semi-dry, I began laying things out... so I guess this is more like phase 3.  :P

Below is a pic of it next to the sketch.  I tried getting a decent photo, but you know.. when things are wet, tis a difficult thing to do.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Frazetta Tribute Exhibition submission - sketch

So this is what I'm working on for my submission for the Frank Frazetta Tribute Exhibition, held in December at the Gallery Provocateur in Chicago, IL.  This was just a quick snapshot to give a general peep at what I'm doing. I'll be sure to post more as it progresses. Anyhoo... any artists out there who are interested in participating, as well, should click on the link I've provided to get all the details on submitting.

Frank Frazetta was an amazing illustrator whose work captured my imagination as a young girl, and still inspires me to this day. Frazetta's talent set the bar for contemporary fantasy art. He passed away on May 10th of this year at the age of 82 after suffering a stroke the night before.