Sunday, January 17, 2010

Best of ArtOrder submission

Here he is, your friendly neighborhood Krampus critter... well, maybe not so friendly.  When he's finished, I'll be submitting him as a candidate for inclusion to the Best of ArtOrder book challenge.  The book is being organized and published via Senior Art Director, Jon Schindehette, of Dungeons and Dragons - Wizards of the Coast.  I hope Krampus makes a positive and lasting impression on the powers that be.  *crosses fingers*

This painting is also being submitted to the Spectrum fantasy art annual jury, which I hope will also bring good results.  Spectrum is an art annual that provides a showcase for contemporary fantasy artists.  I would be ever so happy if I could see Krampus on the pages of either of these books.  I have such a fire and drive for this stuff, and I LOVE coming up with creatures! I'm just hoping someone will give me that break I need to prove my mettle.  So for now, I'll be waiting with bated breath.  :)

Now it's on to my ArtOrder Assassin demon-girl and Beautiful Grim projects.

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