Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So... it started with a seed, but became an apple.

There's something scary and a little exhilarating about making changes to a painting when it's near completion, but sometimes paintings will talk to you and let you know what they need.  That's what happened here.  I just wasn't feeling this piece, so I made a last minute decision to make some adjustments to it.  And so, this is a peek into the changes I've made to a painting I've been working on for an upcoming exhibit (due December 2nd).  You'll notice that I've turned the seed into an apple, as well as added a snake.  What's not in the sketch (that is in the painting) are the subtle silhouettes of tree leaves behind the figure.  You can see my initial sketch version here.  Was it a good decision?  I think so.  I'm feeling much more happy with it this way.  The painting will be posted shortly after it's finished, so please stand by.


cheesemmm said...

great change!! looks much more sinister now ;) love the apple/snake idea!!

Jennifer Kearney said...

Thank you! So glad I made the change. ;D