Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hurakan challenge - Part 4

This is the B&W cover sketch and the (very) rough color character study with color palette (though I'm thinking of adding a few more greens and blues) for my submission to the Hurakan art challenge taking place on ArtOrder.

I think I'm happy with the B&W cover sketch's composition.  I think of Hurakan as this chaotic diety who wreaks havoc as he dances wildly across the sky.  The sketch has a few kinks, but that will be easy enough to fix in the painting process.  Hmmm, one thing I'm noticing is that I think I need to raise him a little higher on the picture plane.

Providing a color palette for the color rough is something sort of new to me.  I've always painted with a palette in mind, of course, but never really 'laid down the law' so to speak on color choices.  Much of my painting process seems to come intuitively as I work.

Blues and greens are what this cover is going to require, so even though this rough gives samples of what colors I'll be using, I would hope that I will be able to incorporate a bit more variety within those color ranges.  Anyway, that is my hope for this color rough's purpose... to provide a color example of what the finished piece will be (nothing locked down at this point).

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