Sunday, December 20, 2009

Krampus - Somebody fetch me a switch!

Above is:
Krampus underpainting - 10" x 16" - oil on board.

Krampus with some PS color adjustments.

After putting my painting into PS, I made some digital color adjustments to give an idea of what it will look like once I start adding more color to the actual painting.  Since Krampus is known to arrive during the winter holiday season, my idea is to have this painting feel cool.  By adjusting and tweeking things digitally, I can quickly get an example of what's to come in my oil painting.  The only thing not shown here is the snow and suggestion of trees, which I plan to add later on.

I will post the finished painting by January 18th, as this is the deadline for the Best of ArtOrder 2009 book.  I also plan to submit this painting to the Spectrum XVII fantasy art annual competition, whose deadline is January 22nd.  Wish me luck!

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