Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Calendar candidate

So here's my submission for a calendar that will be produced through ArtOrder.  It was a rough ride (pardon the pun) to get this done in time!  I only learned of this call for artists late last week, and have been frantically painting this in hopes of getting it in by the deadline (by noon on Dec. 2nd... today).  Scanning was a bit of an issue, as it was still a little wet, despite my use of Liquin and Japan dryer.  I also think that I lost some of my details due to the textures I had built up on the surface.  *sigh*  Murphy's law, I suppose.  I would like to give prop's to my awesome designer friend, Eva, who helped me figure out how to create a direct link to the large psd file.  Thank you, Eva!!!

Now I have to move on to finishing and framing another painting, which is due to be dropped off by 6pm (later today) for an art exhibit.  Whew!  I'll be posting that one later.

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