Saturday, September 26, 2009


This is a painting I did for a good friend of mine, Dr. Pia Cuneo, who saved a young filly (draft horse) from a Premarin farm (where they collect urine from pregnant mares for estrogen hormone replacement) and from almost certain death.  She's such a sweet horse, and BIG too!  (Sorry about the glare/poor quality picture.)  Here's an excerpt on the subject from the Humane Society of the United States:

...horses used in the production of Premarin are being mistreated. Ellen Buck, a horse expert at the Humane Society and a former veterinarian, says mares are confined to small stalls, have restricted access to water, get insufficient exercise, and are forced into pregnancy annually. Three months into pregnancy, mares are tethered by short ropes in narrow stalls and a rubber collection cup is placed beneath the mare to capture the urine. The mare's movement is restricted and she cannot turn around. This collection process continues for several months, and during this time mares are given few opportunities to leave their stalls for exercise. In addition, many of the foals produced are eventually slaughtered for human consumption in Asia and Europe.


√JoJo said...

Is this the same horse painting that you told me about all that time ago? I like how the finished piece turned out. That blue and orange is very striking. :)

Jennifer Kearney said...
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Jennifer Kearney said...

Thank you, Jojo! Even though it's an older piece, I though it deserved to get some internet face time. ;)